Ultra Perceptual Medicine

 Imaging complex medical knowledge through a high resolution hyperdimensional medical infoscope

For the past 20 years the MMVR community has embraced several emerging technologies and guided them to evolve from their science fiction roots to become commonly used tools in medicine. Currently increases in both the volume and velocity of information creation necessitates the development of new tools to extend human perception to aid our efforts to understand and exploit this information in medically meaningful ways. In the spirit of embracing new ideas for addressing challenging problems the concept of ultra perceptual medicine will be introduced. Preliminary efforts using a high resolution hyperdimensional medical infoscope, designed to enable perceptualization of complexity and trans-discipline knowledge fusion, will be shared and discussed.

in new domains of emerging data

medical infoscope

attempts to grapple with the problem of exponential information creation  

developing new methods for perceptual fusion of multi discipline data

extending the concept of visualization to one of experiential perceptualization

perceptual engineering is enabling experiential exploration

experimental exploratorium

hyper dimensional infoscope

highly resolved medical information


the mind is bigger than big data...  we just need to help our brains grok it all

whereas a  telescope lets you see things that are far away and a microscope lets you see things that are really small   and info scope lets you see... information...

technology has helped us extend our senses into a range of physical / temporal scales from the biggest objects in the vastness of space to the most infinitesimal objects in existence...

from bosons to quasars  

the info-ome

developing an inclusive tool

what we know about what we know...

leveraging off of tools developed for the intelligence community and extending their functionality to be applicable to both the science and the practice of medical professions

this talk represents our humble and meager attempts to grapple with the problem of exponential information creation  

imagine-ing   vs imaging

time and space

structure and function

clinical labs


medical records

personal health data


big data... huge data  .. colossal data   immense data  gigantic data  epic data

traditional data types include various modalities of medical imaging , clinical labs, physiologic monitors

new classes of patient data

extending the tool to also include bibliomic data (from the scholarly journals), personal data gathered from the emerging array of personal health sensors and devices

physical scale ranges from molecular to genomic to cellular to tissue to oragan to person to family to society

complexity scales from simple single events to vast arrays of dynamically interconnected entities

embrace the new

new epistemology

bench marks … on the new bench

necessity to use your brain

so now what???  re new stuff

beyond binary

constants vs variables  ,, patients vs simulators …

what do we know about how we know.

dont confuse what you can do with what can be done

technology changes physiology

public health … vs individual patient

data happens

challenging classics

experience relationships

imaging a dysfunctional family... ie.

classical considerations...


what is a mole of bits... ??

emergence of a new medical speciality?? or a general capability  


the “intent ome”

communicable disease  vs  --communications enabled  disease

in patient data   vs inpatient data