A: Innovative claims

We introduce an Intermental Network as the UltraScale computer formed by the linkage of human minds coherently and synchronously to tackle a single problem together. This network can be used on its own or as part of a distributed system with other UltraScale computers. Essential to an Intermental net is a reversal of roles where humans are not users of computers but rather their linked minds constitute the parallel computer whose function is enhanced by interaction with conventional systems. Further, unlike a shared virtual environment, we are not trying to modulate an individual's perceptual state by an accurate representation of the physical world and the impact of users on it. Rather our main aim is more effective modulation of the physical environment from the actions of individuals cognizant of an accurate synthesis of the perceptual state of the linked minds. We will design a system architecture and build a prototype system where individual bodies will be linked to a net through a rich sensory interface with over 30 channels. These signals will be filtered and presented as additional perceptual dimensions to the participating minds which will perceive either the states of individuals or their synthesis as one of more system-wide group perceptual states.

This integration will use novel collaboration software, TangoInteractive, and be built using Web technologies, which ensure extensibility and ease of integration of new subsystems. We will stress performance, flexibility, scaling and fault tolerance in our Intermental architecture and explicit enhancements to TangoInteractive used in our prototype implementation. The human-computer interface is an adaptationion of the wearable computer system under development for the DARPA Bot-Masters project. The interface will be flexibly linked to the net with the visual network-based software system NeatTools that supports general filters. We have identified three application areas that will drive requirements for our system architecture and are the basis of our prototype implementation. These areas are Special Operations, Battlefield Medical Intelligence and Crisis Management. Each of these offers tactical opportunities to use the linked minds to aid split second decisions. Further the Intermental net will continually modulate the perceptual state of individual decision-makers as time progresses and in this way we support longer-term strategic judgements.



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