(Remote Operations Center Network with Real-Time Operational Links)

Report to ONR
RocNroL Video (QT) 11mb
Video Stills
RocNroL Video (AVI) 24mb
PPT Images
Synopsis of Work

Movie Clips from RocNroL Development:

The old OpCenter - Clip 1
New equipment in OpCenter - Clip 2
Integrate with current equipment - Clip 3
Vision for ROCNROL - Clip 4


Clip 5 - ROCNROL's functions
Clip 6 - Test message is sent
Clip 7 - Wearable Computers
Clip 8 - Graphic of ROCNROL

Markus' Images of Coronado
Markus' Images of RocNrol Forms and Misc.
Corri's Sketches

Markus' Tests of the System
January 6
January 29
January 30
January 30 win
February 17
February 17 win